How big is your booth and what space is required for the venue?
Our booth is 2m by 1.5m and it is 2m tall. In a venue we need a minimum of 2.5m by 2.5m to accommodate the booth and the props.

How will my photos be printed?
There is a printer built directly into the booth. Once you have had your pictures taken, following the instructions on the screen it will print them out.

What does unlimited prints mean?
Unlimited printing is defined as one print per person participating in the photograph, we will not print extras for other sources.  We do not limit the overall number of prints made during the event, there is no print credit system. The booth will keep on printing until the hire period is finished.  The booth can accommodate 4 people, more is also possible, but a the discretion of the booth assistant.

What Props do you provide?
We bring along a selection of props including glasses, lips and moustaches. We do not provide wigs, hats or any props that we feel may cause a health risk. If you wish to supply your own props, we take no responsibility for any problems that may arise.
We sanitise our props after every event.

Do you provide staff with the booths?
Yes, a member of staff will be with the booth at all time to setup, breakdown, answer any questions and fix any issues that may arise.
Please respect our booth staff and listen to their instructions. failure to do so or if they feel a guest is a danger to the booth or other guests, they have the right to refuse admittance to the service.

Do you provide a guestbook?
We do not offer a guestbook due to the need for a second person to manage the book to ensure it is effectively used. A second person would add a higher additional cost to our prices. We do not want to offer a product that does not meet with our high standards and therefore a guestbook is not feasible with our setup.
We can provide a set of prints for the hosts at an additional cost.

Do I need to pay a deposit?
Yes, a non-refundable deposit of 25% is required to book your date. The remaining balance must be paid 30 days prior to the event.

Will we get a copy of the pictures too?
Yes A CD of all the images taken at the event will be made available. We will also upload your images to a secure gallery on our website for you to view and share with your guests and friends.

Is it possible to choose between colour or black & white prints?
yes our system has choices for both black and white and colour images.

Are Children allowed in the Booth?
Children over the age of 10 are allowed to enter the booth on their own.  Any child under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.  Please note that due to height differences between adults and children, some children may not be tall enough to be seen by the camera.  You may lift children to allow them to be in the picture, but you do so at your own risk.  We do not allow standing on chairs due to the inherent safety risks.

Are you insured?
We have full public liability insurance. Every effort is taken to ensure our booth is safe, it has been PAT tested and we can provide a risk assessment to the venue upon request.

How long do the booths take to set up?
Setup take approximately 45-60  minutes. Setup time is above the the package time, if you book 3 hours you will get 3 hours of use. We will usually arrive at the venue an hour before the time booked to setup. If for any reason we have to setup earlier there will be an idle time charge.

What is the idle time charge?
Idle time is the time at the event where the booth has been constructed but is not required to be operational. this is usually when a booth requires early construction or there is factors resulting in it not being able to be deconstructed after the allotted hire period. Idle time is charged at £35 an hour.
Is there a charge for travel expenses?
There is no extra charge for any events that take place within a 50 mile radius of Bathgate, West Lothian. Anything outside this radius may be subject to an additional charge.