What we offer

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What we offer

There are many different types of photo booth offered by many suppliers, so we thought we would explain our system.

We offer you a complete enclosed system with high quality camera, lighting and instant prints. A fully automated system, no need for someone to operate the camera (though the booth attendant may press the start button for you if your too busy trying to pose).

We have high quality wooden props, that are fully sanitised after every event. We have a vision that our props match the quality of our booth, no cheap inflatables, wigs or hat.
the booth itself is made from quality materials, with high quality printed backdrop and outside skins that look great in most venues. Everything inside the booth is contained, out of reach of guests to ensure that the running and operation of the booth is not compromised.

A high definition touchscreen controls the booth, the live view gives you a chance to plan your posing before the picture is taken.

Customised prints that can be matched to the colours, style and feel of your event, along with a personalised message to remind your guests of the experience. Options such as having 1,2,3 or 4 images on your print, 4 by 6″ prints or classic 2 by 3″ strip prints add to the features.

Prints are great, but pictures this good need shared with your friends. As long as we can get an internet signal we will provide as part of the package a social media kiosk. This gives you the opportunity to review your images and share them with the world via facebook, twitter and even email them to yourself or others. The kiosk also doubles as a way of viewing all the other fantastic images made by other guests during the event.

At the end of the event we give the organiser a copy of all the images taken and also provide them with a link to our online gallery to relive the memories of the event.

The booth can be taken anywhere in Scotland (extra travel charges may apply) so why not give us a call today on 01506 654329 to book the Snapshot Booth for your next event.

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